The app you need to promote inclusive language in your Slack workspace!

Inclusive Bot is helping teams build inclusive workplaces with a strong sense of belonging. It does so by discouraging the usage of non-inclusive language and providing better alternatives.

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Uses AI to detect non-inclusive or toxic language and gently suggests alternatives.

Inclusive Bot automates the (not-so-fun) task of encouraging your team to use inclusive language. And does it better!
It does it in a seamless, friendly and private way.
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Integrates smoothly into your daily communication

  • Detects non-inclusive language using its own dictionary containing thousands of expressions. The dictionary is continuously updated!
  • Uses AI to understand the context of the message, to avoid being spammy.
  • Uses AI to detect toxic messages (containing insults, obscene, disrespectful tone of voice, NSFW...).
  • Notifies the user privately.
  • Suggests inclusive expressions as alternatives.
  • If the bot was mistaken, the user is able to report the false positive and their message will be ignored by the bot (this also helps the AI to learn and be more accurate in the future).
  • [Optional] Adds a reaction (🌈 by default) to the flagged message to let the team know that the user was notified.
  • The user is thanked and the reaction is removed when they fix their message.
How does Inclusive Bot work

Inclusion is more than just ethnicity and gender

Covers many types of non-inclusive language: Gender, Race and Ethnicity, Mental Health, Sexual Orientation, Dis/Ability, Age, Microaggression, Violence, Appearance, Addiction, Socioeconomic Status, Religion...
Examples of the different inclusive language categories that Inclusive Bot covers



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  • Unlimited users
  • All features included

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